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:D Watch :D

De' Fascia: God Bless The Broken Road & One Sweet Day

De' Fascia ft. Joey Tong: Baby

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Finally. Something to blog about.

A tough week so far, it's been painful. And though some tears did stream down my face, I kept myself strong without "losing it."

To my "kakis" who know my dilemma, thanks for being so supportive and encouraging. I really appreciate you guys :')

On a brighter note, 2 songs are on their way to completion :)

I will move on, there's still some things to be done.

But at the same time, I will wait, and I shall trust Him : ) Cause He had revealed too much for me to throw in the towel now :)

"Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!"
(Psalms 27.14)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank you for auditioning for the CF SMKSU Worship Team!

On behalf of the CF SMKSU Worship Team, I would like to thank all those who auditioned to join us. Thank God for the new batch of fresh talent that has been provided. It won't be long before we will see new faces on stage thus reliving veterans like Joyce and Nehe XP

Just some things i want to make clear when you are part of the Worship Team:

1) It's not about you, it's about GOD.

God only expects our best when it comes to Worship or else it would be unacceptable to Him. And it's not for you to glorify yourself but to glorify HIM.

2) Set your hearts right

Before any Praise and Worship sessions starts, take some time to quiet down yourself and pray. Set everything right with God before leading the rest of the congregation to a time of Praise and Worship.


This the MOST IMPORTANT point that I'll make. Serve in other CF departments as well. Don't only come when you're playing or singing on that day.

4) practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

Grow in your talent! Don't just come for practices with the rest of the band, I expect you to go online and search for the chords on your own and PRACTICE AT HOME to further expand your skills! Worship Leaders and back-up singers, turn on your audio and sing to the songs! IF you are a drummer and got no drums, just turn on your mp3/mp4/mp5/Ipod/Ipood and AIR DRUM!


For practices, or even for the day itself. Guitarists, you need to be early to tune your guitars! You need to be early as a team to pray! You need to be early to run through any songs or parts you want to rehearse last minute!

6) Avoid MISTAKES!

Yes, please if possible, avoid as much mistakes as you can. It's really distracting. Imagine during the time of worship and everyone is having their own intimate moment with God and then suddenly the mangkuk guitarist go hit the wrong chord or note and then everyone will DEFINITELY will go "Hah? What was that?"

7) Be a good listener

Be open to suggestions by the other members of your team. For example if you want this attack or you want to pull of this acapella part of the song. But let's say one of your teams wants to experiment with other stuff with the song, be open and everything cannot always be done you way. But do keep in mind to sometimes keep things simple, rather than remember many parts and then screw it up on the day of your session itself.

8) Be a good example

Seriously, take this into consideration. I don't like anyone who has a been black labelled by the discipline teacher to be on stage. What if some guy walks into CF and then sees you on stage and goes, "EH! I know that guy! What's he doing up there?! HE STOLE MY GIRLFRIEND!"

Confrim GG.

I remember a friend of mine from church stating that we as the worship team have to create this platform for others to worship God. One thing that I desperately hope and pray is that all of you would be disciples first then only musicians. Another thing is when you are on stage, you might be busy playing your instrument, but above all, grab every opportunity to worship Him at the same time!

If you set your hearts right with God and you give your all to him, then you wouldn't have to worry about hitting the right notes, pulling off the right riffs, the timings because when you truly worshipping Him, all of these will surely come on it's own!

I will be calling up many of you soon, till then, Happy CNY and Valentine's!

In His Service,
Jeremy Ong
Worship Coordinator

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Karangan 'Terbaik' UPSR 2007- Kemalangan Paling Ngeri‏

Pagi itu pagi minggu. Cuaca cukup sejuk sehingga mencapai takat suhu beku. Sebab itu saya tidak mandi pagi sebab air kolah jadi air batu dan air paip tidak mahu keluar sebab beku di dalam batang paip. Pagi itu saya bersarapan dengan keluarga di dalam unggun api kerana tidak tahan sejuk. Selepas itu emak saya mengajak saya menemaninya ke pasar. Tetapi saya tidak mahu.

Selepas emak menikam perut saya berkali-kali dengan garfu barulah saya bersetuju untuk mengikutnya. Kami berjalan sejauh 120 kilometer kerana pasar itu letaknya 128 kilometer dari rumah. Lagi 8 kilometer nak sampai pasar saya ternampak sebuah lori kontena meluru dengan laju dari arah belakang.

Dia melanggar emak saya. Emak saya tercampak ke dalam gaung. Dia menjerit "Adoi!". Lepas itu emak saya naik semula dan mengejar lori tersebut. Saya pun turut berlari di belakang emak saya kerana takut emak saya melanggar lori itu pula. Pemandu lori itu nampak kami mengejarnya. Dia pun memecut lebih laju iaitu sama dengan kelajuan cahaya. Kami pula terpaksa mengejar dengan lebih laju iaitu sama dengan dua kali ganda kelajuan cahaya. Emak saya dapat menerajang tayar depan lori itu. Lori itu terbabas dan melanggar pembahagi jalan lalu bertembung dengan sebuah feri. Feri itu terbelah dua.

Penumpang feri itu yang seramai 100 orang semuanya mati. Pemandu feri itu sangat marah. Dia pun bertukar menjadi Ultraman dan memfire pemandu lori. Pemandu lori menekan butang khas di dalam lori dia..lori itu bertukar menjadi robot Transformer. Mereka bergaduh di udara. Emak saya tidak puas hati. Dia pun terus menyewa sebuah helikopter di Genting
Highlands dan terus ke tempat kemalangan. Dia melanggar pemandu feri yang telah bertukar menjadi Ultraman itu.

Pemandu feri itu terkejut dan terus bertukar menjadi pemandu feri semula lalu terhempas ke jalanraya. Pemandu feri itu pecah. Pemandu lori sangat takut melihat kejadian itu. Dia meminta maaf dari emak saya. Dia menghulurkan tangan ingin bersalam. Tetapi emak saya masih marah. Dia menyendengkan helikopternya dan mengerat tangan pemandu lori itu dengan kipas helikopter. Pemandu lori itu menjerit "Adoi..!" dan jatuh ke bumi. Emak say menghantar helikopter itu ke Genting Highlands. Bila dia balik ke tempat kejadian, dia terus memukul pemandu lori itu dengan beg tangannya sambil memarahi pemandu lori itu di dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Pemandu lori itu tidak dapat menjawab sebab emak saya cakap orang putih. Lalu pemandu lori itu mati. Tidak lama kemudian kereta polis pun sampai. Dia membuat lapuran ke ibu pejabatnya tentang kemalangan ngeri itu. Semua anggota polis di pejabat polis itu terperanjat lalu mati. Orang ramai mengerumuni tempat kejadian kerana ingin mengetahui apa yang telah terjadi. Polis yang bertugas cuba menyuraikan orang ramai lalu dia menjerit menggunakan pembesar suara. Orang ramai terperanjat dan semuanya mati.

Selepas itu emak saya mengajak saya ke pasar untuk mengelak lebih ramai lagi yang akan mati. Di pasar, emak saya menceritakan kejadian itu kepada penjual daging. Penjual daging dan peniaga-peniaga berhampiran yang mendengar cerita itu semuanya terkejut dan mati. Saya dan emak saya terus berlari balik ke rumah. Kerana terlalu penat sebaik saja sampai di rumah kami pun mati. Itulah kemalangan yang paling ngeri yang pernah saya lihat sebelum saya mati.

Monday, January 04, 2010

It's Bernard's work : )

As my last first day of school came to a screeching halt, i actually can't believe that I am Form 5 already. As i've conjured up some resolutions to be dealt with this year, i've often mumbled over excuses over why i couldn't accomplish them.

Among them is to overcome my horrible habit to "Ummmmmmmm..........." while thinking. Mom finds it excruciatingly irksome as if I've just arrived from Tanjung Rambutan.

I've often shared this among TRU-ers and that is despite it's my SPM year, what i still hope and pray for is for God to open more opportunities to serve Him. I've asked seniors on "How did you score?" and it's all the same answer: put God first.

Priorities for myself has often been something that I've organized and then reorganized again. Which has always been rather a big hassle for me. And something i need to overcome badly. For this year especially.

Oh well, what the heck. SPM, Sijil Paling Mudah all the way!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday Claire Ma Tzi Ying :)

Thanks for everything :) God bless

Saturday, December 05, 2009


NSCFL Camp (National Schools' Christian Fellowship Leaders' Camp) is a camp like no other by the sense that you will have 6 days of pure scripture and training hammered into you.

What do you think? It's a LEADERS Camp of course thats why.

Honestly, I had no expectations attending this camp as i took it like as if i will be listening the same messages over and over again.

Boy, was I in for a storm.

The theme of the camp was "Heroes of the Faith." Which if taken from biblical aspects, you can base the theme on the Apostles of Jesus Christ and the list of names in Hebrews 11. The basic message is to see through that this new generation of Youth will become the new Heroes of the Faith in Malaysia. The camp is complied with numerous speakers, even Rudi Cheow from SJGC, with Francis Dunn as the speaker for sessions.

Accounts teacher Francis Dunn didn't fail to preach the Word in a whole new refreshing manner. Which at the same time, pierces the depths of our inner being. He showed us a whole way to look at what FAITH is about.

I think the main basis on why he touched on faith is due to the fact that as CF or Youth Leaders, it is vital to recognise that the idea that our works without faith equals to disaster. (Ephesians 2 : 8-9, all our righteous acts are like filthy rags.)

He also showed us even throughout our walk with God or even as a leader in CF or Youth, we will always meet up with disappointments. And the perfect example he used was the life of Joseph. The disappointments he faced before his destiny to become the Prime Minister of Egypt were such as his brothers selling him to Potiphar, when he was thrown into prison and held there for 2 years. But ultimately, was Joseph dissapointed with God?


Joseph chose to forget and to be fruitful. He chose to mannaseh and ephraim. (Genesis 41 : 50 - 52)

Francis too showed us the encounters we will face with the Devil. Revealing that Satan was God's most perfect creation, but pride enterered him. From this session, i learned that Satan is NOT OMNIPRESENT (He's cannot be everywhere at the same time like God.) However, he used the world around to tempt us ( 1 John 2: 15-16)

Jason Fong, the Secretary General of Scripture Union gave us an in-depth account of God's Will. Showing that God's Will can be divided into different sections like God's Sovereign Will (God's overall plan for all creation, like Christ's second coming is an example.), God's Moral Will (Rules and laws created by God that must be abide by all men, like the 10 commandments are examples), and God's Individual Will (God's own plan for every individual, like who to marry for example.)

One whole new experience i gained from this camp, was from the 4 hours of fasting and solitude. In which each camper have to find a place to be alone for 4 hours, and to spend time with God. And i tell you, those 4 hours were so amazing that i wished i could have had more. It didn't occur to me that if you allow the world around you to be silent, God could reveal so much provided that you put your heart and soul into doing it. He showed me all my flaws that i could improve on for the next year, and what i must do as well. Basically, we put into practice the spiritual disciplines that were shared by Rudi on the previous day.

Also, TRUers (Sam, Liesl, Hsien Zern and myself) had the privellage to introduce the Brethren worship style to the campers. I believe for me personally that it was the right thing to do, as i had no shame to worship with our style. Worship is worship, no matter what style it is.

The campers in this camp are really different from your regular camps. When your first impression on a certain camper is, "Wah, this guy is mature like anything weih, he must be a Form 4." Man, you're so wrong. I've never met young Form 1s ,2s, and 3s Christians who are so inspired to be ambassadors of Christ as they are so well-equipped with Scripture and totallly filled with the Holy Spirit.

Overall, NSCFL will be a first and last experience for me. To the future leaders of CFSMKSU, i highly reccomend for you to attend this camp.

More photos, ( by Marcus Pee, Liesl Tan, and Claire Ma Tzi Ying.)

My "Christmas Tree"

Sam's trademark

Introducing my Hero: The Flush

Pee caught this while we were hanging out with the Seafieldians. His awesome skills.


Playing lawyer for the first time

TRUers hanging out with Seafieldians

Seafieldians *Emily the mom XD

TRU + Seafield guys

TRU + Seafield

Liesl from Team Samuel and myself from Rahab. We got 2nd place!

Team Samuel + Team Rahab

Team Rahab!

Still managed to JAKUN with Sam.

Final farewells at Scripture Union's Office

Sunday, November 22, 2009

See you soon :)

I Love My Cat.


Although she's retarded at times.

I'll be away at NSCFL Camp from Monday (22nd November) till Saturday (28th November.)

Till then, I'll see you all real soon! Tata!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What would I do?

I recently read the classic novel, “In His Steps,” by Charles Sheldon which was written in the early 1900’s and originated the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” One man and his local church decide to answer the call to base all their decisions on the simple phrase, “What would Jesus do?” This started a chain of events that affected people throughout the nation. I felt challenged myself as I read the book. Many of you, like me, want to be more like Jesus, longing to line up everyday life with the Word of God and actions of Jesus. Seeking Him and His will are important to you.
While we can certainly make a difference by doing good works and teaching the way Jesus did, the more important question might be, “What did Jesus do?” Before you start naming all His works, let me sum it up with one scripture interwoven in much of Jesus’ teachings.
“For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” John 6:38

Reading the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John paints a picture of the fact that there is no particular pattern that can be drawn and followed by studying the life of Jesus. He simply did what Father God asked Him to do each day. It never shows Him making major plans; He simply went to the place God sent Him and touched the people God told Him to touch. Some places saw all people around healed and delivered; other places only a select few. Instead of speculating and trying to pinpoint why, we need to take this example and follow it. While making your plans, take time to say, “Father what would you have me to do?”

We need this type of direction or else we will end up trying to do everything and burn out or be overwhelmed and do nothing.

So now, act like Jesus and take every day situations to the Father the way Jesus did.

Another question came to mind while reading this book: “What would Jesus have me to do?”

This question bears more on the direction and purpose in my life than on everyday events. Is my life in line with the will of God in every aspect? Am I willing to seek what God would have me to do or am I seeking what is comfortable and familiar? Am I following His path for my life or my talents, gifts, or what I think is expected of me? I challenge you to prayerfully look at all these questions.

Many times we think we are too busy in our lives to ask but we don’t realize the blessings we are missing. God will order our steps so that we can prioritize what we are doing and we will end up with time to spare. Sometimes we cannot answer the question “What would Jesus have me to do?” because we don’t set aside time to pray and listen. Jesus often went alone to pray. God wants to change things in our lives but can’t because we haven’t set apart time to be in His presence, pursuing Him.

God has new opportunities to minister for some while others are being asked to set everything down and deal with life issues. Many times opportunities that God has for us will not open up until we deal with these issues.

The parable of the 10 foolish virgins found in Matthew 25 shows us an example of someone not prepared who didn’t take time to ask what they should do. They were not prepared and the door was closed; they had not taken time to find out what they should do. Seeking God will prepare us for the next thing in our lives.

What would Jesus do? What did Jesus do? What would Jesus have me to do?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Faltering Red Dreams. Seriously.

Rafa, what are the chances of you drumming up with this again?

So what if we beat Man U? The aftermath of that proved to be so costly. A loss to Arsenal, draw to Lyon, another loss to Fulham, and a draw with Birmingham!

Time to go?

Maybe not. Not to mention just the 20 million pounds you'll be taking with you. See that we win all our remaining home games and we might have a chance to get back into the top 4.

Although, the Paolo Mancini availability now is really tempting.

Sorry Rafa, maybe you are losing your touch here in Anfield.

Though the good news is, Torres mentioned that he will never join any other english club and might even plan to finish his career here.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Why Asians Simply Pwn In Guitar

Believe it or not, the winner of Guitar Idol 2009 is an Asian!

His style is pretty much Satriani influenced ain't it?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

All American Recipients?

Rombongan SU (Blah, Get lost Suvanmanni.)

Terima kasih Ellysha for the pass =)

All American Rejects were pretty good. I will also give DiGi credit for showcasing some of Malaysia's Top Acts. But i can't say that this was a really good concert due to the overwhelming numbers of screeching, fanatical AAR fans that must have camped out there since the day before?

I constantly got sandwiched between 2 humongous guys who must have been 3 times my size. Among the crowd are also inconsiderate smokers. I've must inhaled enough secondary smoke to send me falling to my knees at any moment.

Some of the freakiest stuff i've seen are the AAR fanatics themselves. I saw a half-naked guy scribbling "Tyson is my man" all over his chest for crying out loud.

The worse part was that between the acts, there were breaks that were 45 mintues long! We entered the carpark around 5 p.m. and we were left standing there for nearly 2 and a half hours before Disagree came on.

What's also annoying was that when the crowd starts screaming for the next act, they do stuff like on the stage lights, fog up the stage, testing instruments etc. to make to crowd cheer even more. So when you're expecting AAR to come on, you are actually going to be stalled for another 15 minutes or so.

Oh well, how often do you get to see actual international rockstars? What a moment!

Short vids of the acts are on my Facebook.